Our investing strategy

  • We write $500K-$1.5M checks into pre-seed or seed rounds for Web3 companies
  • We’re happy to lead deals or write follow-on checks
  • We are long-term, diamond-handed investors. Our funds are set up as ten-year vehicles and we don’t flip tokens.

Working with Lattice

We take a hands-on approach with our portfolio and primarily work with teams on growth and GTM strategy. We can also help with fundraising and recruiting.


We work closely with portfolio companies to build a repeatable sales process:

  • Sourcing leads - we’ve built a CRM of 8K+ companies that we share with our portfolio
  • Customer introductions - we’ve made dozens of key customer introductions for portfolio companies. A few examples
  • Driving brand awareness - we’ve published case studies on teams like Galaxy and Layer3 to help them drive growth

Token Launch

We actively support portfolio companies on token launch:

  • Detailed feedback on key vendors including market makers and law firms
  • General strategy sessions where we share data points from the 40+ token launches we’ve worked on
  • Warm introductions to top token launch platforms and advisors


  • We work closely with most top funds in the space and frequently help portfolio companies fill out rounds or raise follow on funding.
  • Many of the top later stage funds are investors in Lattice including Bain, Digital Currency Group, and Lightspeed.